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  • Simply slowing down and driving cautiously for your own safety as well as that of others is really the best tactic of all. Whenever you’re in a hurry or in a gambling mood, keep in mind that if you are caught the citation can cause havoc with your car insurance premium as well as destroy your chances of getting a better deal elsewhere.
  • Always wear your seat-belt and make sure all of your passengers buckle up.
  • Don’t be an aggressive driver. Share the road.

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Insurers are trying to promote sober driving through several means. For example, where states permit, insurers charge much higher premiums to those who are convicted of drunk driving. Under new legislation in South Carolina, insurers will be entitled to add points to an auto insurance premium, according to the seriousness of the accident or traffic violation. This surcharge will be calculated at $40 per point. The 15-point surcharge for drunk driving would add $600 to an annual auto insurance premium.

Safety car insurance – Do you practice driving safety? Your good driving record may mean a lower auto insurance rate.

The objective of auto insurers today is to write safety car insurance for safer drivers at competitive rates; that is sage car insurance rates that will be attractive to such drivers, while also enabling the insurer to make a profit, and to write poorer drivers at rates that are adequate to cover the losses incurred by such groups.

Through years of experience, insurers have developed a set of time-tested criteria that enable them to group insureds to assure individuals are paying rates that are related to expected claim costs, while also permitting a substantial amount of healthy free market competition. (In insurance jargon this system is called “class rating.”)

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